Sorry for the silence!

I started this blog as a place where I could write regularly, but it’s been hard to time my ideas  so they’re at regular intervals. Plus, with the horrific events that recently occurred on the east coast, it’s hard to justify adding another futile blog post to the howling abyss of the Internet. Those thoughts are coming–like everyone, I have a lot–but not just yet.

I also have some thoughts about Cosmopolitan‘s new editor, how we look at infidelity and how that relates to gender, but it’s Christmas and we’re all kind of in a weird place. So I might not write until post-apocalyptic days.

Here to tide you over, if you’re interested, is a review of a Mountain Goats concert I did for Music Scene magazine. I’m proud of the review; then again, it’s really easy to write about something you love.


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